Maintenance Cleaning

This service is provided by our staff permanently assigned to work in your building. Staff performance and service quality are subject to control on the part of  the relevant operation manager, Daily Cleaning Sites, responsible for your building. He/she is also the contract person with your authorized representative.
We present the main types of activities and technology for maintenance (daily) cleaning.

  • Hard floorings and furniture are mopped daily with special tools and detergents.
  • Hard floorings of large surface area are treated daily with floor cleaners
  • Soft (textile) floorings are treated every day with professional vacuum cleaners.
  • Toilets are cleaned by wet, damp and dry method with detergents. Disinfection and deodorization ensures complete hygiene.
  • Replenishing of liquid soap, WC-deodorizers, toilet paper and paper towels in toilets.
  • Cleaning of garbage containers.
  • Dusting of desks, tables, cupboards, PCs, and office equipment with anti-static detergents.
  • Cleaning of windowsills, heaters, air conditioners, etc.
  • Routine cleaning of glass in entrance areas and gates.
  • Periodic major cleaning of windows, including joinery and blinds.
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