Major Cleaning

This service is provided by well-trained teams for major (machine) cleaning.
The activities are organized and supervised by the operation manager responsible for Major (Machine) Cleaning.
We present the main types of activities for major cleaning.

  • Machine washing of fitted carpets, rugs and other textile floorings.
  • Machine (extraction) washing of upholstery (furniture and chairs).
  • Machine washing of hard floorings (granite, marble, mosaic, terra cotta, PVC, self-leveling resins, etc).
  • Polishing (sealing) of hard floorings (application of protective and gloss coats).
  • Washing of hard wall linings (marble, faience, terra cotta), wood paneling and doors.
  • Cleaning of windows, shop-fronts  and partition walls (frames and glass).
  • Cleaning of blinds (indoor and outdoor). 
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