The integral service

Our main goal with this service is complete solution of hygiene issues in buildings or offices through long-term maintenance. As a rule, we aim at procuring one-year, as a minimum, and longer contracts.

Prior to preparing a specific offer, we need to clarify, together with our potential client, the following questions:

  • What work do you need (type, surface area, periodicity)?
  • What is the appropriate time for cleaning?
  • What budget can you allocate for cleaning?

The maintenance contract for a building includes, as a minimum, maintenance (daily) cleaning. A better option, however, is to include complete cleaning services by adding various types of periodic major (machine) cleaning to the ongoing activities associated with maintenance cleaning. Thus, the quality of service and the degree of hygiene in the building are improved.

The efficient cleaning methods we offer guarantee a beneficial cost/quality ratio. Professional machines and tools, specialized detergents and the good qualifications of our workers ensure a high degree of cleanliness. 

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